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How to Get Through Your First Pet loss

by MeowLoverClub

First of all, we are sorry for your loss and please keep reading to apprehend how to go about this trying moment. For many centuries now, man has been friends with several types of animals including dogs, rabbits, parrots, monkeys, and many more. The most commonly petted animals are cats and dogs because they are charming and easily get into friendship with human beings. All kinds of pets have become a part of our families and even our lives. The same love we have for other people is similar to the affection we have developed for our pets.

The feeling cannot be described by words or in writing. That is why when we lose our pets the grief is just similar to what we experience when we lose our loved ones. The grieving process is even more traumatizing and agonizing when you do not know how to grief and get over it. 

We understand how it feels when you lose something that was part of your life. Therefore in this guide, we will give you the some best tips on how to get through your first pet loss.

Avoid downplaying your grief

Whether it's your first or second or third time you are losing a pet, do not try to downplay your grief. Always keep in mind that he or she was more than just a pet. Sadness is a natural thing. So do not deny yourself a moment to feel the pain. The best way to go through is by allowing nature to take its course. So if you want to cry, cry loud and let all your pain and emotions out. Have some time alone to grief even if it means taking a day break from your job.

Dealing with reality

Reality lies beyond your grief. We sometimes try to evade reality but it keeps coming back when we think we are relieved. Make sure you are brave enough to face the reality. Even though the reality is unbearable, you need to stay strong and accept that you lovely pet sitting is dead. As you try to accept the reality, remember that you will never get over the loss completely. This is a good thing because your pet was truly special and nothing can take that away.

Talk to people

Find someone to talk to about what you feel. Sharing your emotions and experiences you had with your pet can also be a good way to heal. Find friends or close family members that you feel they can be of help and talk to them. They will spare their time to show love and support in this difficult time.

Try to release

Releasing your grief is not an easy thing. However, you can try releasing yourself by getting involved in physical exercises, listening to funky music and dancing. Other activities that can help you release include; biking, gardening, video gaming etc. Also, the best way to release yourself is by stopping blaming yourself or other people for the loss. Death is inevitable, so do not lose yourself playing blame games.

Prepare a Pet memorial

Pet memorial is one of the most important parts during your grief. You do not want to allow the special moments you spent together go down the drain just like that. Therefore, it is important for you to create a pet memorial. Usually, you’re the pet memorial helps you to keep remembering how special your pet was. There are many options to choose from when you are deciding on a craft to go for. You get inspiration from your favorite online pet memorial jewelry. Always ensure that you chose a craft of your choice; a choice makes you appreciate everything about your pet. You can as well create a great collage of your pet’s favorite pictures. Another memorial idea that you can use to cope up with the loss is making a nice grave in the backyard.

If you want to cremate your slain pet, there are many pet cremation lockets or ash jewelry that you can buy. One of the options is paw print jewelry. This option does not use ink or dyes in the prints. They last long by capturing the prints of your pet's paws and nose. The second option is the pet laser photo jewelry. In this, you get the photo of your furry pet engraved in an appealing steel jewelry. Some memorial pieces of jewelry are made in a way that they can store the ash.

Funeral and dealing with remains

The final journey for your lovely friend is the funeral service. You can gather the close people in your life and carry out a service. During the service, you can present a collage of photos, allow others to talk about their experiences with your pet and burn send-off candles. You can also play music, read a poem crafted for your pet and ensure it is funny and touching at the same time. A funeral service is intended to celebrate your dead friend. Therefore, seek help from your friends in making arrangements. After the service, you can choose to bury or cremate your pet depending on the best option for you.

Be patient

Another tip that will help you go through your loss is to be patient with yourself. Even after the funeral and burial or cremation, you should know that the pain will not go there and then. It will be coming back from time to time. So be prepared to deal with low moments in your life for the next weeks, months or even years. The best thing to do is to give you more time as possible to allow healing. Another thing to do in order to heal faster is to keep celebrating your pet may be the date you brought home every month or on its death date. When pain memories come in and go, you start healing completely. You can have his or her hair on your seat cushion for remembrances.

Be busy and try to move on

Find something to do when you feel lonely. Also, you can get another pet once you feel like ready. A new pet can also help you heal. Although no pet can fill the space left by the slain one, you can at least find peace and love in the new pet. Keep in mind that timing is everything. Having another pet in a wrong time may cause poor relationship and bonding. You can as well find a support group or a pet bereavement counselor for help after the funeral service.

If you follow all the tips as stated above, you will surely get through and get back to your normal life. We are once again sorry for the loss and all the best in your grieving and healing process.

Hope these tips will help. If you are looking for a piece of unique jewelry to memorialize your beloved pet, you can check out our custom silver pet photo jewelry.

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