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Written by: MeowLoverClub

For many pet parents, the pet is part of the family and therefore pet loss is very similar to losing a member of the family. We get attached to the warmth and liveliness that a pet brings to our home. How excited they get when they see us, and how they are always seeking for our attention. There is no human that can shower you with genuine love as much as a pet and that is why when the grief that comes with pet loss can be too much to handle. Getting over the loss of a pet is not a walk in the park, however here are 12 tips that will help you cope with the loss.

1. Let the tears flow 

Do not be afraid to cry simply because it’s a pet and not a human. Only you know the kind of bond you had with your pet and should therefore allow yourself feel the pain. Do not hold back the tears as the bottled up feeling can lead to depression in some cases. Cry as much as you want and for as long as you deem fit. This will help you cope with the loss faster. 

2. Talk about your grief to friends and family

Tell someone about your grief and how much the pet loss hurt you. Select carefully who to talk to as some people may only make it worse for you, people who believe that pets should not be treated as humans are not the best people to talk to at this moment. Ensure the person you talk to understand the relationship you had with your pet and the role it played in your life.

3. Avoid blaming yourself for the cause

Whatever the situation was that led to the loss of your pet ensure that you rid yourself of any blame. Carrying the guilt can lead to serious depression that will take time to heal. Don’t dwell on the ifs, accept the pets fate and let it rest in peace, the pet is gone and blaming yourself is not going to bring it back. 


4. Carry out a farewell ceremony

Having a proper send-off for your pet can make you feel so much better. Organize a simple ceremony with friends and family so as to give it a proper send of. There is comfort in saying goodbye with a lot of people who also have fond memories of your pet. Knowing that your pet had a decent sendoff will help your grieving process. 

5. Get some form of pet memorial

Create a pet memorial for your pet where you can always go to remember it. Planting a tree or donating to an animal shelter in the name of your pet is one of the ways to go about this. You can also get a personalized memory jewellery in memory of your pet. 

6. Remember your pet fondly

Don’t try to act like the pet never existed. Think of it fondly, get a framed picture if the two of you together and put it in the living room or by your bedside table. Don’t push aside any memories that may come to mind of your pet. Think of all the good times you had and remember it is now in a better place, the rainbow bridge where pets are believed to go after death. Avoid thinking of its last days on earth when it was great pain as this will only make you sad. 

7. If there are any doubts about the passing, make peace with it

In case you are not sure of the circumstances that led to the death of your pet make sure you have that cleared for your peace of mind. Talk to your vet so that they can clear all your doubts, this will help you move on faster knowing exactly what happened to your lovely pet. 


8. Join an organization of other grievers

Dealing with pet loss can be too much for some pet parents and therefore may need to join an organization that can help them cope. Such an organization can help you create a pet memorial that you can visit as much as you want. You can also light a candle with other mourners as well as share your pet stories. 

9. Try to go back to your normal routine

Keep your mind occupied by trying to go back to normal routine, as sad as the death may be, remember life goes on even after pet loss. Staying in the house mourning will only get you into a deep depression that will be hard to come from. 

10. Volunteer in an animal shelter

You can also volunteer in an animal shelter as this will help you ease your way into loving another pet and this will be a great way to grieve your dead pet. 

11. Take your time 

Remember that everybody’s grieving period is different and you should not put yourself on a timeline to have coped with the death. Take as much time as you may need, try to go on with life as normal but don’t beat yourself up when 3 months down the lane you still weep at your pet memorial, when the time is right you will be over it so don’t rush it. 

12. Consider getting a new pet

This step comes at different times for pet owners, the best way to go about this is to think of the new pet as a chance to make new memories rather than a replacement for your dead pet. Don’t feel like you are not honoring the memory of your pet as the new pet is likely to bring back the joy lost when you lost your other pet. 

The grief that comes with the loss of a pet is harder than most people imagine and can last for a long time. It may also be different for each individual, the above 12 steps will help that you cope well with the loss of your pet and get back to normal routine while carrying them in your hearts. 

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