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How to Get Through Your First Pet loss

by MeowLoverClub First of all, we are sorry for your loss and please keep reading to apprehend how to go about this trying moment. For many centuries now, man has been friends with several types of animals including dogs, rabbits, parrots, monkeys, and many more. The most commonly petted animals are cats and dogs because they are charming and easily get into friendship with human beings. All kinds of pets have become a part of our families and even our lives. The same love we have for other people is similar to the affection we have developed for our pets. The feeling cannot be described by words or in writing. That is why when we lose our pets the grief...

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Written by: MeowLoverClub For many pet parents, the pet is part of the family and therefore pet loss is very similar to losing a member of the family. We get attached to the warmth and liveliness that a pet brings to our home. How excited they get when they see us, and how they are always seeking for our attention. There is no human that can shower you with genuine love as much as a pet and that is why when the grief that comes with pet loss can be too much to handle. Getting over the loss of a pet is not a walk in the park, however here are 12 tips that will help you cope with the loss.1....

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